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Seamless Eavestrough

Eavestroughs are a system of channels that collect and carry away the rainwater and snow that falls on the roof.

Downpipes channel this water down and away from the building. This is an important system as it manages large amounts of water, specially under heavy rain. So keeping the system in good working condition is essential to the rest of your home.

Like the roof on your house, the eavestroughs also have a lifetime. Most notably ice expansion, ladders put directly against the eavestrough and accumulation of debris are factors that contribute to shortening its lifetime.

As well as collecting water eavestroughs can collect leaves and other debris. Spring and Fall maintenance are usually required if you live in a treed area. But other problems can arise from an aging system and this can easily become a much larger problem if neglected. Common issues are visible from the ground and fairly easy to spot. An inspection of the system can identify more problems and prompt fixes before things gets worse.

A malfunctioning eavestrough system can cause a number of other problems that can be costly to repair, such as:

  • Damage to the walls (brick, siding, stucco)
  • Basement flooding
  • Damage to landscaping

As well as some health issues from mould and moisture inside the home, mosquito proliferation from standing water in the eavestrough, danger of falling ice and more.

We can replace the gutters on your home and avoid these issues altogether.

Amazon Eavestroughing uses only the best products and methods available today. We install 5" & 6" K-style and Half-round gutters. Aluminum and Copper. We are specialized in seamless systems - installation of eavestrough that spans the entire length of your home, without seams. Our eavestrough is made on site, custom fit to your home.

Our professional team uses only the best hanging system available today. Because not all bracket hangers are the same, we invite you to see the difference. Larger downspouts that ensure maximum drainage and we make sure your system is properly slopped so that water flows to the spouts.

To avoid unexpected surprises during this process we perform a complete inspection of fascia boards right before we install the new troughs. A visual inspection of the roof is also an important part of the process.

These are some of the steps we take to ensure each job is done right and we’ll continue to stand by our work for years to come. We will provide you with a written workmanship warranty with all our installations.


Leaf Guard is a solution for clients who have trees around their homes. Amazon Eavestroughing uses Alu-Rex products for their outstanding performance. It prevents leaves and other debris from clogging the eavestrough and downpipes. It also strengths the eavestrough system and can prevent damage from ice and falling branches. And it does all that while remaining invisible from the ground.

Amazon Eavestroughs offers a 10-year workmanship warranty with every new installation fitted with Alu-Rex system. That is because we believe this product will out perform a standard installation.

Leaf Guard can be made to fit an existing eavestrough system. Our skilled technicians can recommend if Leaf Guard is suitable for your eavestrough system.

While in theory all Leaf Guards are supposed to do the same thing (keeping leaves out of the eavestrough) they are not all the same. Many products that do not work as advertised have marred the field and often homeowners are not willing to take the risk. That is why we chose a proven brand that is superior in quality and performance and it does not cost a lot of money (no more that 50% of the cost of standard eavestroughs).

Leaf Guard will greatly reduce or eliminate maintenance required to your eavestrough system. However, in some heavily treed areas a sweep off the top of the guard can be necessary, as well as sweeping off the roof. Under a full canopy of trees there is just not enough wind for them to self clean. Still Leaf Guard makes it for a much easier cleaning and always keeps the eavestrough under the guard flowing freely including the downpipes.

Learn more in our comparison here. More information on Leaf Guard can be found at http://www.alurex.com


As climate change is about to bring ever more powerful storms in the future, some municipalities have decided homeowners should disconnect their downpipes from the sewer system. It makes little sense to drain rainwater into the sewers in a heavy storm, as it can overload the system causing back ups and damage.

Some programs are now in place to phase in these changes and homeowners that do not comply are at risk of facing fines.

Amazon Eavestroughing offers consulting services and solutions to these homeowners in re-routing downpipes above ground, in order to comply with these changes.

In most cases, rerouting or relocating a downpipe is a simple task and makes perfect sense. A patch of lawn or garden can be a suitable place to drain rainwater and potentially save in irrigation costs.

If no viable options are present, you will also be let known and you should let your municipality know as well.

Call us today to book a consultation on Downpipe Disconnection Program.


Did you know that most of the eavestrough problems occur from lack of maintenance and cleaning?

Aging eavestrough can hold water, become leaky, loose and eventually detached from the house.

We advise our clients to have inspected, cleaned and repaired their eaves at least once a year to avoid prevent major problems that may damage the roof, brick or siding, flood the basement, create ice dams or worse.

Some aluminum eaves can be repaired and, in most cases the replacement of the entire system is not necessary. To avoid unnecessary costs arrange a visit with our professional team of technicians for a full eavestrough inspection and cleaning today.

The most common repairs to an existing system are Reattachment, Reinforcement and Realignment. They consist of, respectively: re-securing loose eavestrough to the fascia board; reinforce the eavestrough using bracket hangers and; realigning a section of the eavestrough that is holding water toward the nearest downpipe (or to a new downpipe).

We provide a 3-year workmanship warranty on repairs done to an existing system.


Roofs with inadequate ventilation or poor design ice up in snowy conditions. This can lead to ice dams at the roof edge which prevents thawing snow from the upper section of the roof from flowing down into the eavestrough.

Poor insulation and heat losses are a major factor in causing these build ups. Ice on the roof can get underneath the shingles and into the house causing leaks and damage.

Our heating cables provide an effective and economical method of preventing ice dams from forming on roofs and in gutters.

Whether the application is residential, commercial or industrial, Amazon Eavestroughing has a wide range of cables and controls to match your requirements.

It is also a good idea to have a professional insulation specialist inspect your property if you experience such issues.


Amazon Eavestroughing can install a rain barrel for you as an environmental friendly solution for outdoor water use.

With the right rain barrel, rainwater can be saved and reused. Rain water harvesting is important because it decreases the high demand for domestic water in which residential irrigation can account for up to 40% of consumption.

By collecting rainwater and storing it in a rain barrel you will have water for future use, whether it is for watering the garden or just keeping it handy for emergency situations.

Rain barrels can also be set to slowly release the collected rainwater to areas that can soak up the water, reducing stormwater run off and increasing groundwater recharge.

Keep in mind rain barrels are not an alternative to a downpipe run off. They need to be put out of use in the winter months as freezing water can damage the barrel, tap and hoses hooked up to it.

We recommend you to select a barrel that you like and we will do the rest. We do not supply rain barrels.